Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Remi Ayodele Is Set To Bring His Clothing Line Out To The Masses. Thursday July 14, 2011 Is The Date For The WIERDOZ CLOTHING Fashion Event Sponsored By The STORYBOOK RANCH Foundation @ The Dallas PM GALLERY. 

A different approach to fashion shows will be reviled at the upcoming WIERDOZ CLOTHING preview party. Normally this is some thing you would hear known designers doing, not a professional football player. New clothier Remi Ayodele of the New Orleans Saints is the mind behind the clothing line and event experience. The fashion show will remove the traditional runway down the middle that would normally allow spectators to see the garments make their way back in forth. The Wierdoz Clothing show will add a little more creativity and interaction in some of the different staged areas. The fashion show is structured for the guest to experience some of the elements in this fashion business. Featured areas include a mock photo shoot by fashion photographer Roderick J. Pullum. Then there's the Make-up station along with a tattoo area  There will be other staging areas with Wierdoz Clothing and models being showcased at each of them. DJ Parker Lawson will provide the soundtrack for this fashion experience and a sponsored open bar that will feature a signature drink called the "WIERDO". Some of the confirmed guest include Darren Macfadden-Raiders, Michael Huff-Raiders and Akin Ayodele-Bills.

About Wierdoz Clothing:
Wierdoz Clothing is on a mission to change the landscape of the clothing industry. With a passion for fashion and a strong drive for success this group of 5 friends set out on a journey to make a statement not only in the clothing industry, but the world.
Wierdoz represents all of the different cultures that reside in the streets from skateboarders, hip hop heads, graffiti bombers, tattoo enthusiasts, and lovers of quality fashion. This group of fashion forward individuals are on course to break old trends and set new ones that allow consumers to express themselves everyday through their unique brand of clothing. Wierdoz way of life challenges individuals to be who they are in spite of criticism and ridicule. Being weird is being unique and Wierdoz Clothing celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and pushes for them to stay true to themselves.

About Storybook Ranch Charity: 
River Ranch Educational Charities was granted 501(c) (3) status by the Department of the Treasury on October 17, 2003 by their Internal Revenue department. We specialize in underprivileged and high functioning special needs children. These children can visit throughout the year. We offer various packages, free of charge, including: petting zoo, pony rides, riding lessons, trail rides & party packages or discounts depending on the clients particular situation, ability & experience. We even have a complete week set aside during our annual summer camp just for them. It is truly amazing what an effect the animals have on the children & the effect the children have on us!
Our charitable services are offered to non-profit organizations including churches, schools & other government agencies that are also contributing their efforts to the betterment of those less fortunate. We make these donations to special needs children & underprivileged children that contact our facility either individually or through a representative of their affiliated agency. This is done either by phone, email or in person after hearing about us from various sources.
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When: July 14, 2011
Where: PM GALLERY - 1608 Main Street, Dallas, TX. 75201
Time: 8PM - 11PM


PM LOUNGE  is located inside the  JOULE HOTEL
Where: 1530 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201
Time:   11PM - 2AM 


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Thursday, July 7, 2011



July 7, 2011 - Dallas, TX.                                        
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What: Fashion Event
When: July 14, 2011.  8PM-11PM
Where: At the PM Gallery, 1608 Main St. Dallas, TX.
Why: Launch Event for Wierdoz Clothing by Remi Ayodele

For more information, please contact Nina Zavala at